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A Promise of Personal Service with Dr. Jennie Dignard

I, Jennie Dignard, am committed to personal and attentive service. I spend time with my patients and pace my schedule so I don't rush you or overlap appointment times. I make sure you feel comfortable in my office or during home visits. Contact my Welland denture centre to book an appointment today.


  • All clinical and technical aspects of removable dentures

  • All areas in fabrications of dentures

  • Full and partial dentures

  • Broken denture repair

  • Denture polishing

  • Complimentary denture consultation

  • Altering existing dentures

  • Loose denture relining

  • Soft liners

  • Mouth guards

  • Acrylic and metal partial dentures

  • Complete oral exams

  • Upper and lower dentures

10 Rules for Wearing Dentures

Dentures will get your smile back and help regain your confidence, but there are some simple rules you should keep in mind while going through this important process.

  1. Patience– Getting used to your new dentures will take time. It might feel strange at first and there will likely be more saliva produced in the first few weeks. Please follow my advice and don’t get discouraged. Your mouth is unique and the amount of time it takes you to get comfortable with your dentures will likely not be the same as other patients.

  2. Lowers– A complete lower denture will typically take longer to master than a full upper denture. Give it time and don’t worry if your tongue feels strange or crowded. Please call my office if you are having difficulty eating with your lower denture. I can find a solution for you.

  3. Chewing– I advise all my patients to eat only soft, non-sticky foods for the first few days. When you progress to more solid foods, please remember to chew slowly and evenly. This will help you learn how to manage your dentures and get accustomed to the pressure they exert on your gums during chewing and biting.

  4. Biting– Take smaller bites at first and cut your food into small portions. If you feel that your gum ridges are firm enough, you can try biting a piece of bread or an apple. When biting an apple, I advise you to push the apple against your front teeth to help hold the denture in place. Keep in mind, you will not be able to bite as well with dentures but you will be able to bite with confidence over time.

  5. Sore spots– Some pain or discomfort when getting used to your dentures is completely normal. If sore spots develop on your gums, please call my office. Please don’t feel like your problems are insignificant. I am here to help you but I can’t help if I don’t know you are having difficulty. To help me diagnose the problem, please wear your denture for at least 1 to 2 hours prior to your appointment so I can clearly see where the sore spots are located.

  6. Speech– Is speech difficult? Do you feel like you are slurring your words? Practice speaking by reading out loud for a few hours each day. This will help you gain confidence.

  7. Cleaning– Cleaning your dentures is essential to keep them healthy, attractive and comfortable. Please follow my cleaning tips and never bleach your denture. Be sure to see me at least once a year to have your dentures professionally checked and cleaned.

  8. Wear and care– I advise patients not to wear dentures overnight as it gives your gums a chance to rest. Keep your denture in water and in a safe place. Please keep it away from your dog. For many dogs, denture material is even better than rawhide chew toys!

  9. Tissue change– Your gum tissue will change but your dentures will not. That is why regular checks with me, Jennie Dignard Denturist, are critical to handle any minor problems before they turn into major ones. Replacing dentures can be just as important as getting your initial set made.

  10. Adjustments– Please never try to adjust, repair or reline your dentures yourself. Only a denturist can do this safely and effectively.

Complimentary Consultation

Book an appointment and receive a complimentary denture consultation

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