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Full dentures

Full Dentures in Welland

Specializing in all types of denture services, I am pleased to provide full upper and lower dentures to meet your unique needs. At Jennie Dignard Denturist, I fabricate full (or complete) dentures using an acrylic base. You will enjoy a comfortable fit using the finest material available including natural-looking teeth. As your trusted Welland denturist, I take pride in making sure your dentures fit properly and will make adjustments whenever needed.

You Never Have to Go without Teeth

Did you know that you never have to go without teeth? Immediate dentures can be fabricated while you still have teeth and then placed after the extraction. Keep in mind that adjustments will be needed after the healing process is complete. In some cases, patients use immediate dentures as a temporary appliance while a new, full denture is fabricated.

Book your appointment with Jennie Dignard Denturist to explore your options.

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