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Excellent Fit in a Short Time
“I just want to tell you how pleased I am with my new dentures. It boggle my mind how you can produce such an excellent fit in such a short time. You are a tooth fairy”
- Alex
Welland, ON

Jennie Dignard Denturist: Your Welland Denture Clinic

Weekend, Evening and In-Home Appointments Available
If you are experiencing denture related problems or you have recently learned that dentures may be necessary, you may have lots of questions and concerns. If this situation applies to you or someone you care about, I suggest you give me a call. My name is Jennie Dignard, and I am a licensed and certified Denturist in Welland, and have been since 1996. Denturists have been serving the public in Ontario since 1974, when legislation was enacted to govern and license our services.

Dental Plans/Complimentary Consultations/No Referrals Needed
Get back your smile and stop living with pain and embarrassment. If this situation applies to you or someone you care about, contact me for guaranteed materials and premium dentures. I work independently with all my patients, so you don’t need a referral to book an appointment, and my office accepts all dental plans.

Why See a Denturist?
Denturists are devoted to fabricating and repairing dentures. I not only take care of your denture work but I’m also the person you will see and consult with during your appointments. As a fully certified and experienced denturist, I can provide the following services:

  • Complete oral consultations and exams
  • Creation of immediate and complete dentures
  • Creation of acrylic and metal partial dentures
  • Creation of custom mouthguards
  • Repairs of broken or damaged dentures
  • Relines of loose dentures (hard and soft liners)
  • Cleaning of dentures
  • Placing names in dentures
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